Vabljeni predavatelji / Invited lecturers

Vabljeni predavatelji / Ivited lecturers:

  • dr. Andrés Muro, group leader of the Mouse Molecular Genetics laboratory at the ICGEB, Trieste. His research focuses on the study of genetic diseases and the development of therapeutic approaches using mouse models, with particular attention to gene therapy and genome editing approaches at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Italia.



  • dr. Love Dalén, Professor of evolutionary genetics at the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm. His research focuses on using ancient DNA technologies to investigate the the ecology, evolution and conservation status in different wild animal species at Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden.


  • dr. Samantha Wisely, Professor of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Florida. She has researched the genetic management of the captively-bred population of the endangered black-footed ferret for >20 years at University of Florida, USA.



  • dr. Mirte Bosse, assistant professor at the Animal Breeding & Genomics Group in Wageningen University, Netherlands with an expertise in population and conservation genomics in wildlife and livestock. 

  • dr. Delphine Thizy, Manager of Delphine Thizy Consulting. Expertise in social performance and stakeholder engagement for innovation in the field of public health and conservation.