Forbidden Minors for Edge Searching

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UP FHS (Koper)



Titov trg 5,Koper


Dr Oznur Yasar Diner (Kadir Has University)


Edge searching is a combinatorial game where a team of searchers are following a strategy to capture a hidden intruder. It is played on the edges and vertices of a graph. When a fixed number of searchers are available, there is a finite number of forbidden minors, exclusion of which will guarantee that the graph will be intruder free. In this talk, we give the set of forbidden minors for 4-searchable graphs of several graph classes: outerplanar graphs, series parallel graphs, and generalized wheel graphs. Finally, we will give a conjecture on the search number of circulant graphs of prime order.

Primary author

Dr Oznur Yasar Diner (Kadir Has University)


Prof. Boting Yang (University of Regina) Dr Danny Dyer (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

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