13-18 July 2020
Kranjska gora
UTC timezone

Satellite event of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics

8ECM and EMS

Combinatorics around the q-Onsager algebra

Important announcement

At this time our conference is still scheduled for 13-18 July 2020.  Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, since we are a satellite conference of 8ECM, we intend to follow their lead.  The organizers of 8ECM have announced that they will assess the conditions in Slovenia and make a decision no later than late May 2020. If 8ECM is held as scheduled in July 2020, we will do the same.  If 8ECM is postponed, we will postpone our conference as well.  However, one important difference is that 8ECM has announced that they will reschedule in summer 2021.  We have not yet made a determination of what will happen with our conference if we are forced to postpone it.  Please visit https://8ecm.si/news/62  for the full  8ECM announcement.


At the conference we will be celebrating the 65th birthday of Paul Terwilliger. As such, the general theme of this conference will be the mathematical topics that Paul has worked on over the years (which all have relationships to the q-Onsager algebra). These topics include the following:

• Topics in algebraic graph theory, such as distance-regular graphs, association schemes, the subconstituent algebra, and the Q-polynomial property;

• Topics in linear algebra, such as Leonard pairs, tridiagonal pairs, billiard arrays, lowering-raising triples, and a linear algebraic approach to the orthogonal polynomials of the Askey scheme;

• Topics in Lie theory, such as the tetrahedron algebra and the Onsager algebra;

• Topics in algebras and their representations, such as the equitable presentation of Uq(sl2), the q-tetrahedron algebra, the q-Onsager algebra in mathematical physics, and the universal Askey-Wilson algebra.

The deadline for submitting abstracts for contributed talks has passed.  However, further submissions may still be considered if space is available.  If interested, please email the conference organizers.


13 – 18 July 2020


Ramada Resort, Kranjska gora, Slovenia


Štefko Miklavič (University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute, Slovenia) 
Contact: stefko.miklavic@upr.si

Mark MacLean (Mathematics department, Seattle University, USA)
Contact: macleanm@seattleu.edu

Kranjska gora
Registration for this event is currently open.