Invited speakers

The list of invited speakers:

  • Tim Burness, University of Bristol, UK
    Title: The generating graph of a finite group

  • Ilaria Cardinali, University of Siena, Italy
    Title: The generating rank of polar Grassmannians

  • Sergei Lando, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
    Title: Hopf algebras of graphs

  • Yoav Segev*Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
    Title: Axial algebras and the classification of finite simple groups

  • Sergey ShpectorovThe University of Birmingham, UK 
    Title: Geometric and combinatorial aspects of axial algebras

  • John van BonUniversity of Calabria, Italy 
    Locally s-arc transitive graphs

  • Hendrik van Maldeghem, Ghent University, Belgium 
    Title: Geometries and Groups of Exceptional Type

* (to be confirmed)