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Edge-critical graphs from the Möbius strip


  • Dr. Simona BONVICINI

Primary authors



Let χ'(G) denote the chromatic index of G and denote by G-e the graph obtained by removing an edge e from G. The graph G is said to be Δ-critical if χ'(G)=Δ+1 and χ'(G-e)=Δ for any edge e in E(G). We are interested in critical graphs of even order.

It has been proved that there are no critical graphs of even order n≤ 10 and that there are no 3-critical graphs of order 12 and 14 (see [4]). Based on these results, Jakobsen formulated the famous critical graph conjecture, which claims that there are no critical graphs of even order (see [6]). A similar conjecture was made by Beineke and Wilson [1].

The graphs found by Goldberg [5], Fiol [3], Chetwynd and Wilson [2] disproved the conjecture. Goldberg constructed a 3-critical simple graph of order 22; Fiol found two 4-critical simple graphs of order 18 and 30; Chetwynd and Wilson found a 4-critical graph of order 16 with multiple edges.

Following the approach presented in [7], we construct infinite families of critical graphs of even order. Our method is based on a suitable identification of vertices which resembles the topological identification yielding the Möbius strip from a rectangular strip. By this method, we can also obtain the counterexamples found by Goldberg, Fiol, Chetwynd and Wilson.


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